Tatiana Rusanovska is an accomplished award-winning illustrator and multifaceted artist whose unique style features a variety of techniques that create whimsical imagery through an array of distinctive colours.


She developed a strong inclination to art early in her childhood. Studies at an art school in her hometown Kremenchuk, Ukraine, brought Tatiana to mastering the basics of drawing, painting, art history and sculpture. Teachers helped cultivate Tatiana's talents and taught her to appreciate the beauty of a colourful world.


During that period she was inspired by the works of Leonardo Da Vinci as a revolutionist in the Renaissance Art. Artists like Mikhail Vrubel, Vassily Kandinsky, Leon Bakst greatly influenced her as well.


After graduating from the art school with distinction she entered th College of Applied Arts and Design in Kyiv, Ukraine. The influence of European artists from the brink of the 19th and 20th centuries became more pronounced in her style and works.

Upon graduating from the college Tatiana moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, where she worked as an artist and a graphic designer with diverse media and techniques.


Since 2003 Tatiana lives in Toronto, Canada where she continue to work as an artist, illustrator and designer. Her paintings and graphics decorate many of offices as well as private collections in Europe and Canada.


Flowers constitute main themes of her work. Her favourite media is batik. She is a master in both the hot wax and gutta techniques. Utilization of a trade secret within the hot wax technique makes Tatiana's batiks emanate life energy. She creates volume with a unique use of colour. The very existence of her works bear evidence to this, as well as reflect the warmth and rich colour palette of her homeland.

Winner of the 1st Place

Illustration Category

American Design Award

Tatiana runs a successful design studio with her partner.